Getting up and running with ForeseeHome in your practice is easy. Click here to let us know you would like to become a ForeseeHome ordering practice.


Or you can contact our Practice Engagement specialists at 1-855-600-3112 or to be added as a ForeseeHome ordering practice.


Once you completed, you can order ForeseeHome simply by filling out a ForeseeHome Order Form.

Once you order ForeseeHome for your patient and submit the order form to Notal Vision, we will contact your patient to complete enrollment.

No. Check with your Clinical Affairs Director or call a Practice Engagement specialist at 1-855-600-3112 about applicable coverage policies and adding ForeseeHome outcomes into your practice performance metrics.

Upon receiving an order, Notal Vision will contact the patient to confirm and then ship the ForeseeHome device directly to the patient’s home. Patients are instructed to contact Notal Vision when setting up their device at home the first time. Notal Vision customer service will provide live assistance during the setup process and is available for any other questions related to the use of ForeseeHome.

Ordering doctors and office staff can view their patient results at any time through our secure ECP Portal at You can also click “HCP Login” at the top of the page. If you have trouble logging in, contact us at 1-855-600-3112.

Each patient’s results are compared to a normative database and the patient’s personal baseline. When a patient’s results indicate a statistically significant change, an alert will trigger. Notal Vision will contact the pre-assigned contact person at the practice to inform them of patient alerts, via email and/or phone, whichever was indicated as the preferred contact method during enrollment.

Yes. Notal Vision can provide you with a demo device for display and training in your office at no charge. Please call 1-855-600-3112.

Yes. Notal Vision will provide order forms and informational brochures to your office. Notal Vision can also provide a practice support kit with additional materials for informing your patients and ordering doctors at no charge. Please call 1-855-600-3112.

FDA Indication for Use

The ForeseeHome is intended for use in the detection and characterization of central and paracentral metamorphopsia (visual distortion) in patients with age-related macular degeneration, as an aid in monitoring progression of disease factors causing metamorphopsia including but not limited to choroidal neovascularization (CNV). It is intended to be used at home for patients with stable fixation.

The ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program is only available by physician order and is intended to be used as an addition to regular eye exams.

The technical component of the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program is covered by Medicare, subject to its coverage requirements for the test, to assess patients with dry AMD who are at risk of developing wet AMD. Please refer to your local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for which the ordering physician resides concerning coverage availability for the physician professional services component of the test.