Little to no out-of-pocket costs for the majority of Medicare patients
FDA Cleared Medicare Covered
for majority of Medicare patients
per month for patients without supplemental insurance
Patients with Medicare and a secondary supplement plan could have out-of-pocket costs as low as $0 per month
Patient with Medicare and no secondary supplement plan will pay $15.03 per month once their $185 yearly Medicare Fee-for-Service Part B deductible is met *
*Does not apply to patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plans.
Patients Financial Assistance Program is available for qualifying patients

FDA Indication for Use

The ForeseeHome is intended for use in the detection and characterization of central and paracentral metamorphopsia (visual distortion) in patients with age-related macular degeneration, as an aid in monitoring progression of disease factors causing metamorphopsia including but not limited to choroidal neovascularization (CNV). It is intended to be used at home for patients with stable fixation.

The ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program is only available by physician order and is intended to be used as an addition to regular eye exams.

The technical component of the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program is covered by Medicare, subject to its coverage requirements for the test, to assess patients with dry AMD who are at risk of developing wet AMD. Please refer to your local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for which the ordering physician resides concerning coverage availability for the physician professional services component of the test.