ForeseeHome™ - AMD Monitoring Program


  • Patients use the home monitor daily, just 3 minutes per eye
  • Data is sent automatically to the Notal Vision Data Monitoring Center after each test
  • Notal Vision, Inc. will notify the physician if a statistically significant change in their patient’s results is detected so a follow up exam can be scheduled
  • Physicians are sent monthly reports and can view their patients’ data anytime online

Sample Report:
Sample Report from Notal Vision

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What the patient can expect: ForeseeHome Monitoring Test

  • During the ForeseeHome™ test, a series of targets will flash on the screen and disappear.  Each target appears as a dotted line.
  • Using a computer mouse, the patient clicks where he/she saw a distortion (such as a bump, hump, or wave) on the dotted line.  The test takes about 3 minutes per eye.
  • Once the test is complete, the data is automatically transmitted to the Notal Vision Data Monitoring Center.

Demo video:

ForeseeHome Demo Video