ForeseeHome™ - AMD Monitoring Program

Importance of Early Detection

Since wet AMD progresses so rapidly, early detection is critical.

Patient using ForeseeHomeUnfortunately, many patients being treated for wet AMD have already sustained vision loss. Once symptoms of visual impairment are noticeable, irreversible vision loss may have already occurred. Early detection offers opportunity for early treatment and the best possible visual outcomes.

Clinical results have demonstrated that outcomes are generally better the earlier new treatments for wet AMD are initiated. In many cases when wet AMD is detected early, the disease progression can be halted. If treatment can be initiated when the lesion is small and you still have good visual acuity, your potential to maintain good vision is much better.

The best option for the early detection of wet AMD is frequent monitoring. Since it is impractical to visit your doctor every day, the most effective solution for early detection is home-based monitoring in addition to routine eye exams.