ForeseeHome™ - AMD Monitoring Program


Q.  How does a patient subscribe to the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program?

A.  Patients must first obtain a comprehensive eye exam and prescription from their eye doctor (Notal Vision, Inc. provides custom prescription forms).  The completed prescription must then be sent to Notal Vision, Inc. by fax, email or mail.

Q.  How can I start prescribing the ForeseeHome AMD Monitoring Program to my patients?

A.  If you are an eye doctor who would like to prescribe the ForeseeHome to your patients, please contact us.

Q.  As a prescribing doctor, are there any fees or costs to my practice?

A.  No.

Q.  As a prescribing doctor, can I get brochures or other materials to share with interested patients?

A.  Yes.  Notal Vision, Inc. will provide prescription forms and informational brochures at no charge.  Notal Vision, Inc. can also provide a practice support kit with additional materials for informing your patients and referring doctors at no charge.

Q.  As a prescribing doctor, can I have a demo device in my office?

A.  Yes.  Notal Vision, Inc. can provide you a demo device for display and training in your office at no charge.

Q.  How does my patient obtain the ForeseeHome device?

A.  Upon receiving a prescription, Notal Vision, Inc. will contact the patient to confirm and ship the ForeseeHome device directly to the patient’s home.  Patients are instructed to contact Notal Vision, Inc. when setting up their device at home the first time.  Notal Vision customer service will provide live assistance during the set up process and is available for any other questions related to use of the ForeseeHome.

Q.  Which patients are ForeseeHome candidates?

A.  Any patient diagnosed with intermediate age-related macular degeneration.  Patients must also have visual acuity of 20/60 or better and must have the cognitive and physical ability to use the ForeseeHome device.  

Q.  How can I see my patient’s results?

A.  Prescribing doctors can view their patient results at any time through our secure online database at  If you have trouble logging in, contact us.

Q.  How is my practice informed of changes in patient results?

A.  Each patient’s results are compared to a normative database and the patient’s personal baseline.  When a patient’s results indicate a statistically significant change, an alert will trigger.  Notal Vision, Inc. will contact (email and/or phone) the pre-assigned contact person at the practice to inform them of patient alerts.

Q.  How does Notal Vision support my practice?

A.  The Notal Vision customer service line is easily accessible to patients with questions about billing, usage and other support issues. Additionally, Notal Vision, Inc. will contact patients if no tests are received for 7 consecutive days to troubleshoot any problems they may be having and to stress the importance of daily testing.  Notal Vision, Inc. provides a demo device, prescription forms, and brochures at no charge.  If you are interested in additional support options, please contact us.