ForeseeHome™ - AMD Monitoring Program


During the ForeseeHome™ AMD Monitor test, a series of targets will briefly flash on the screen.  Each target appears as a dotted line. Each target will flash once (for 160 milliseconds) and disappear.  You will notice Pathological Distortionsthat the target flashed very quickly.  This is a key element of the ForeseeHome technology.  It is designed to prevent your brain from masking (compensating for) actual defects in your vision. 

Using the computer mouse, you move the cursor to the location on the screen where you observed the target and identify the spot (by clicking the mouse) where the line appeared distorted (where it appeared as a bump, hump, or wave).  Some of the distortions should be rather pronounced and some should be rather subtle and some targets should appear to have no distortion (appear as a flat line).  Some of the targets will appear horizontal and some of them will appear vertical.  After marking the distortion, move the cursor back to the dot in the middle of the screen.  Simply hover the cursor on the dot.  This action will trigger the next target to appear.

Data points will be tested multiple times so you should feel comfortable to mark wherever you thought it appeared distorted and not spend time thinking about whether you are right or wrong.  The test takes about 3 minutes per eye and then automatically transmits your data to the Notal Vision Data Monitoring Center. 

Your responses are compared to your personal baseline and a robust normative database.  Your eye doctor can review your results on a secure website, and the Notal Vision Data Monitoring Center will also notify them when statistically significant changes occur so a comprehensive eye exam can be scheduled right away. 

The ForeseeHome AMD Monitor could detect changes in your vision before you notice any visual symptoms and could be the critical early indication of wet AMD, potentially saving your sight.