ForeseeHome™ - AMD Monitoring Program

The Need for Early Detection

Studies show that the earlier wet AMD can be detected and treated the better chance patients have at retaining good, functional vision.  Good, functional vision allows patients to maintain driving and reading independence.

Important factors in determining final visual outcomes of CNV patients1

  • Baseline VA at diagnosis
  • CNV lesion size, type, and location when treated

Treatment benefit is greater with better baseline visual acuity and smaller lesion size.

Visual Acuity Chart

Many wet AMD patients suffer irreversible vision loss by the time they are diagnosed.  When using standard methods of CNV detection, only 13-36% of patient eyes have VA of 20/40 or better at time of diagnosis.3-6

Because wet AMD progresses so rapidly, frequent monitoring is critical.  Home monitoring with ForeseeHome® can help physicians detect and diagnose CNV at its earliest stage.

Diagnose CNV at Earliest Stage



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