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Deficiencies of Amsler Grid

Amsler Grid
Amsler Grid

Why trust your eyesight to outdated monitoring methods?

  • The Amsler Grid was developed in the 1940s.
  • Once you notice irregularities on the Amsler Grid, irreversible vision loss may have already occurred.
  • Once you notice symptoms, it could be too late.

ForeseeHome® can often detect changes related to wet AMD before you notice symptoms or changes on the Amsler Grid, allowing your doctor to start treatment right away.  Early detection (before you notice symptoms) and early treatment can result in prevention of vision loss from wet AMD.

ForeseeHome utilizes technology that overcomes these limitations of the Amsler Grid:

Competion/crowding, visual distortionsCompletion/Crowding – Your brain automatically corrects visual distortions and completes missing information due to the uniformity and close proximity of lines on the Amsler Grid.  This phenomenon is illustrated to the right. Is there really a triangle?  Your brain forms the image of the triangle by filling in missing data.

ForeseeHome utilizes technology designed specifically to prevent your brain from masking actual visual defects.

Fixation – It is difficult for users to fixate on the center dot of the Amsler grid without scanning the rest of the grid.  ForeseeHome overcomes this issue by randomly flashing visual stimuli that prevent scanning with the fovea.

Subjectivity – The Amsler Grid relies on the user to notice and report distortions while ForeseeHome provides automatic analysis.

By the time you notice distortions on the Amsler grid, it may be too late to protect good, functional vision.

Video: Benefits of the ForeseeHome vs. the Amsler Grid